Protect the Historic Gateway to Chicago's Lincoln Park

The stately residences along Lincoln Park West and Fullerton Parkway form an elegant and welcoming backdrop to Chicago's Lincoln Park and its most popular cultural and recreational amenities, such as Lincoln Park Zoo, the Conservatory, and North Pond.

These historic buildings, along with their neighbors along Belden and Commonwealth Avenues, are essential to Lincoln Park's distinct feeling and sense of place.   Built between 1907 and 1924 for some of Chicago's most influential citizens and designed by several of its most celebrated architects, this lovingly preserved district showcases the finest in the City's residential design of the early 20th century.  It is a treasure for its residents, for Chicago as a whole, and for everyone who visits Lincoln Park's attractions.

To protect this district's beauty and distinguished architectural history for all, we are asking the City of Chicago to grant this district Landmark status.  We encourage you to support this effort.  To learn more about the proposed Landmark District, you may download a pdf file here.  To lend your support, please sign the online petition.